As a minimum we will require satisfactory references from your employer (or college), and a previous or current landlord. We may also require a personal reference, and sometimes a guarantor. In certain circumstances a credit check will be undertaken. We may use the services of an independent company to obtain and evaluate these references.


Rental Application

Property Applied For

Desired Move In Date

Tenant Information

Full Name


Phone Number

Date of Birth

National Insurance Number

Names, ages, and relationship of anyone else who will occupy the property

Do you have pets

Do you or any other occupants smoke?

Current Rental/Residence History

Current Address

Monthly payment amount

Move in date

Move out date

Reason for vacating

Landlord's name

Present landlord's phone

Present landlord's email

Use for reference

Previous Rental/Residence History

Previous address

Monthly payment amount

Move in date

Move out date

Reason for vacating

Previous landlord

Previous landlord's phone

Were you asked to leave?

Did you ever receive notice to leave?

Did you get your deposit back in full?
YesNo, landlord kept a portionNo, landlord kept entire deposit

Present Employment/Income Information

Current employer

Name of contact

Phone number

Email address



Length of employment

Current salary range

Use for reference

Wage slips (optional but you will be asked to provide this later)

Do you have any other sources of income? Examples: government assistance, child support, etc... please list MONTHLY amount received

Present Employment/Income Information

Previous employer

Employment duration in months

Monthly income previous employer

Previous employer 2

Employment duration in months

Monthly income previous employer 2

Next of Kin/Emergency Contact (must be family)

Full name



Phone number


Rental history information

Any dishonesty in this section will result in an immediate rejection of the application. We do verify all info through an independent third party. We understand bad things happen to good people, and answering honestly in this section will not result in an automatic rejection. A discovery after the fact will also be grounds for termination of the lease at any time, at the owners option.

Have you ever been evicted or asked to leave early?

Has a Landlord ever taken, or threatened to take you to court?

Do you have any legal county court judgements against you?

Has a landlord ever kept your rental deposit, or any portion of your deposit?

Have you ever refused to pay rent for any reason?

If you answered yes to any of the questions in this section please explain?

Criminal Record/History

Have you ever been convicted of a criminal offence?

Have you ever been the subject of a civil investigation?

Have you ever been charged with a drug or alcohol related offence?

Do you or any occupants (including minors) currently have a drug abuse problem?

If you answered yes to any question in this section, please explain and include the date of the offence

Financial Information

Bank Account (1) Bank Name (2) Current Balance (3) Average Balance

Savings Account (1) Bank Name (2) Current Balance (3) Average Balance

Any other asset accounts if applicable (1) Bank Name (2) Current Balance (3) Average Balance

Do you have a Car Loan? if Yes, (1) current total balance (2) monthly payment (3) bank/lender name

Any other monthly expenses or obligations? Example: child support or other

Have you ever filed bankruptcy

How would you rate your credit?

General Information

Please list ALL vehicles to be stored at or outside the property (1) make/model/year (2) color (3) license plate

Any other info you would like to include

Additional Document/Upload Opportunity

These are optional fields, made available should you want to upload any supporting documentation. We will require the following:

1. One form of photgraphic ID

2. Two months wage slips (if in employment)

3. Two Months bank statements

4. Proof of current address (Utlity bill, letter from governement organisation)

You can also email there documents to:

Document Attachment 1

Document Attachment 2

Legal Authorization to conduct a credit/background check, or otherwise verify the information you provided.

By typing your name below. You agree to the following terms.

I hereby authorize the property owners, it's employees, agents, and third parties to take any and all actions necessary to verify the contents of this application. I understand that such actions may include but are not limited to, a credit report, verification of employment, past rental history, police and criminal records, I will hold the property owner, it's employees, agents and third parties harmless from liability for the accurate reporting of such information to the management and/or owners. I also consent to allowing the property owner/manager/agents to use any information provided here to assist in debt collection activities if required. I certify that all information provided by me is true, correct, and complete and I understand that any misrepresentation or omission is caused for the management and/or owners to reject or decline this application and/or terminate any lease based on this application.

I also understand that this application may be subject to an application fee before a final determination is made. Failure to make the required payment (if required) within 3 days following the application submission will result in an automatic rejection. No communication of that rejection will be given, but shall be implied by the lack of payment.

By typing your name to the right you state that you have read and agree to the terms above.

Application Fee - You can pay your application fee here by debit/credit card or you can call the office on 0113 8879944 to make a card payment. You can also pay by direct bank transfer using the following details: Account Name: Letsby Avenue. Sort Code: 050151 Account Number: 38503344 We will require payment of the application fee before we can proceed with your application.

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